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Rose Parade 2018 – BOSS

Here a some of the photos taken at the Rose Parade 2018 for The BOSS (Bands of Santiago Sharks). It was a very exciting couple of days, culminating on Camera Corner (Orange Grove and Colorado).  

Shooting In Low Light: Show Choir – Closing Night

The Oak Show Choir had their closing night performance for the 2015-2016 season.  I had to pleasure to photograph this last concert. The biggest challenge was shooting in low light conditions.  This was overcome with fast glass and high ISO.  […]

Event Photography for Programs

Event Photography I had the pleasure of photographing the Bands and Color Guard for Santiago High School for two seasons now.  This year I was asked to design the programs for the Band Concerts. My experience in event photography came […]

The Band Is All Here

What do you do when you have to deliver photos for a Jazz Band concert program but you have no photographs of the Jazz Band?  The default it getting some stock photos of other bands but that doesn’t really fly.  […]

Annie and Bugsy Malone Meet On Stage

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of photographing two middle school musical productions: “Annie” and “Bugsy Malone”. Over 250 kids were involved in these two shows and a huge amount of volunteers made sure everything came together.  The […]

VCF – Fiddler on the Roof

If you are wishing to order photographs from Fiddler on the Roof, please visit our online store (CLOSED). There are over 230 photographs, spread over 4 galleries: Headshots, Onstage, Buddies and Cast. You can choose from two sizes, 5×7 or […]