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Joe's HeadJoe Randeen –  lead photographer

Thank you for visiting the photography of Joe Randeen | 3 Penguins Photography. Choosing a photographer, the right photographer, is an important, and sometimes daunting, task.  I take pride in creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere, while using my skills as a professional photographer, to capture these important moments in time.

What type of photographer are you looking for?  We offer Portrait Photography, Event Photography, Wedding Photography, and Family and Senior photography.

I specialize in “photojournalistic” or “Lifestyle” Photography

What in the world does that mean? In nutshell, it’s a style that focuses on candid, as-it-happens moments. Essentially, it is visual story-telling. There are definitely occasions where posing is necessary but I find that the photojournalist style captures “life”, documenting memories as they happen.

For more information please give me a call at 714.225.7674.  contact me