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Thank you for visiting the photography of Joe Randeen | 3 Penguins Photography. Offering Portrait, Event, Wedding, Family and Senior photography. Serving the Inland Empire as well as Orange and LA Counties, and destination shoots.

I specialize in a “photojournalistic style”

What in the world does that mean? In nutshell, it’s a style that focuses more on the candid, as-it-happens moments. There are definitely occasions where posing is necessary but I find that the photojournalist style captures “life”, documenting real memories.


Boy and His Dogs

A Boy And His Dogs

It’s never easy seeing your kids sick, even if it’s just a cold.  You try and comfort them as much as possible but no one can do it as well as a pet, or so it seems. When you’re not feeling well there’s nothing like falling asleep with unconditional love. This is an example of [...]


Camera SettingsCamera sales are booming, especially in the areas of phone cameras, point-and-shoot cameras and DSLR’s. Everyone is taking pictures.  Would you like to be able to take ‘better’ pictures? I offer both private and group lessons in photography.

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