Generational Family

MastrolucaEvery photoshoot has its unique joys that come along with them:  meeting new people, getting reacquainted with old friends, documenting a multi generational family, etc. With this shoot, I benefited from all of these.

Martin is a friend from high school.  A few years back we reconnected via Facebook.  He’s a little bit further ahead of me in life in that, a year ago, he and his lovely wife became grandparents. She’s a beautiful and fantastically fun little girl.

Martin and his wife have 3 daughters (one married and the mother of this precious lil girl). We were also joined by his two sister-in-laws and their husband, and his fabulous mother-in-law.

One of my favorite pictures from this shoot, and there were many, is the shot of Four Generations of Women. Gathering a beautiful family like this, together, to take a snapshot in time, is so amazing. One day, lil K will find one of these photos and look at with fondness.  That’s a pretty amazing thing.

Thank you all for allowing me this opportunity to photography your family.

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Before They Moved

Before they moved, I had to opportunity to photograph this wonderful family.  A loving couple with two really fun boys makes for a wonderful afternoon.  This shoot took place in Downtown Fullerton, a place that offers really nice backdrops.  At one point we were even offered a bicycle to use in the shoot.  Hey, why not. It was a really fun afternoon.  These two young boys kept us all laughing.

Would love to spend an afternoon with your family.  Give me a call and let’s set something up.

Photographing Children

Expressions of Kids

Capturing Real Life

I just love the expressions of kids.  At some point in a persons life, they start growing shy of the camera.  Not of their own camera obviously, because selfies are a must in most peoples lives.  But, when they see a DSLR pointed in their direction, they turn, shout “NO” and/or run away. But not kids.

In fact, sometimes it’s hard to have them play down the cameras presence.  Who cares though.  If you can capture some shots of realism – let them run the show.

It Don't Fit

Photographers are taught and strongly encouraged to get the eyes in the shot.  Albeit very true and important, sometimes you can’t and shouldn’t.  This girl is so focused on getting the food on her fork.  If I had called out her name she would have looked up and it would have been a nice shot, but I much prefer this.

Kids Portrait

In this shot, the eyes are necessary.  She’s inviting us in to her world, which currently consists of this wonderful dessert that she may or may not share with us.  Her eyes, along with her smile, tell such a wonderful story.


This photo is a mixture of posed and spontaneity. I gathered the kids but they all made up their individual minds on how they wanted to be shot.  Take a look at the redhead in the left lower corner versus the blond girl next to her.  How about the young man in the back?  Everyone is in their own little world, telling their own story.

Kids Running

From a technical standpoint, this shot is awful.  It’s over-exposed and under-exposed.  If this was entered into a contest it would get thrown out immediately.  Who cares.  I love it.  It shows the joy of these kids running, playing and having fun.  In such a case, the rules get thrown out.

the look

Again, in this shot, the eyes are essential – the girls’ that is – not her dads.  I’m sure that her eyes speak something different to me, since I was in the moment with her, than they do to others who look at this picture. Regardless, they are telling a story.

Kids at Play Run, Run, Run

I love these two pictures because, as a parent, there are NO electronic devices.  It’s kids running, playing, having fun, the way I did growing up – the way kids should have fun.

Cooper's Eyes

This may look posed to some, but I saw this young man sitting on a bench just trying his all to keep warm.

As a photographer, my preferred way to approach a shoot with children is to let them play, have fun with them and allow them to be themselves.  That is one of the reasons that most shoots will take a couple of hours, at least.  I often hear from parents, “my kids won’t last that long.”  If we are trying to pose them the entire time that is probably true.  Instead, let’s get together and play – the time will fly by and we will come out of it with some fantastic memories, in pictures.

Joe Randeen

Family Portraits by joe randeen :: 3 Penguins Photography

Family Portraits in PV

Recently I had the great honor of shooting family portraits with some very dear friends. To make it even more special, by friends mother and sister’s family were also a part of this special afternoon. So, we had two families of 3 (mom + dad + son & dog, mom + dad + daughter)  linked together by their visiting mom from Taiwan.

The challenge was finding the right place to capture this loving family.  I was seeking texture and warm light so I chose two locations in Palos Verdes.

The first was a small private garden with a huge bougainvillea tree on a used brick patio.  The warm colors added to the serenity and it was quiet for the sake of the baby.

The second location was beautiful mall with bricks and tall arches. The angles and leading lines are exquisite. The late afternoon sun accentuated the gold light.

It was a fabulous afternoon. The young boy’s humor kept us all going.  The baby had a brief moment of crying but did great during a long shoot. I don’t have the words to describe mom/grandma.  She was delightful, so sweet and had an air about her that was sheet love and beauty.  Seeing her interact with her grandchildren was something that I really wanted to capture, I believe that I did.

Capturing generations is something that is very close to my heart.  If I can gather grandparents, kids and grandchildren in the same place and I have my camera – I’m a happy man.

I feel very lucky by being a part of these special moments.

– joe randeen :: 3 Penguins Photography


Cheng_Kim_01Family Portraits by joe randeen :: 3 Penguins Photography


Micah Grandma

© joe randeen :: 3 Penguins Photography

Family Selfie

Today we decided we needed to take a family picture and I was hired as the photographer. Problem – I’m a family member and need to be in the ‘family’ picture.  The solution was a family selfie.

Luckily it was a beautiful day, far from the rainy days we had previously.  The challenges with this photo include, the time of day and me not being able to be behind the camera.

TIME: It was 1:30 and the sun was west, over the mountains. It was nice to have a rim light but the our faces would be too dark.  To over come that, I set up a single speedlight to fill in any dark areas.

MISSING PHOTOGRAPHER: This wasn’t a huge issue as I had a trigger, BUT it wasn’t a radio trigger – to fire the shutter.  With the IR trigger and the very bright light, I had a hard time taking the shot without my arm being stretched out toward the camera.  Instead, I had to give it to my youngest.  (Notice is right hand).

Not a perfect shot but I still love it. I got my beautiful mountains, the blue sky, the suns rays (upper right corner) and the big open field that my wife was looking for.  Overall, I’m pleased.

I still prefer to be on the other side of the camera.  Looking for family portraits? Give me a call.

– joe randeen, 3 Penguins Photography

Fun Family Portraits

Family Portrait - joe randeen : 3 Penguins Photography


Client: Family of six
Location: Fullerton, CA

Angie was kind enough to call me about doing a family portrait session just prior to a couple of daughters going back to school.  It was the first family portraits they had one in a really long time.

I wanted to capture the essence of who they are: Fun, loving and bit of quirky sarcasm.

They are a tight-knit family who bring joy into the lives of people they touch.