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Generational Family

MastrolucaEvery photoshoot has its unique joys that come along with them:  meeting new people, getting reacquainted with old friends, documenting a multi generational family, etc. With this shoot, I benefited from all of these.

Martin is a friend from high school.  A few years back we reconnected via Facebook.  He’s a little bit further ahead of me in life in that, a year ago, he and his lovely wife became grandparents. She’s a beautiful and fantastically fun little girl.

Martin and his wife have 3 daughters (one married and the mother of this precious lil girl). We were also joined by his two sister-in-laws and their husband, and his fabulous mother-in-law.

One of my favorite pictures from this shoot, and there were many, is the shot of Four Generations of Women. Gathering a beautiful family like this, together, to take a snapshot in time, is so amazing. One day, lil K will find one of these photos and look at with fondness.  That’s a pretty amazing thing.

Thank you all for allowing me this opportunity to photography your family.