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Pop-Up Flash Help – Puffer

Puffer by Gary FongDuring this holiday season you will, undoubtedly, be taking a lot of family photos indoors. Your trusty DSLR will notice that there isn’t enough light in the room and active the little pop-up flash. You snap the photo and look at the small screen on the back of the camera. WOW – IS THAT BRIGHT.

The light is bright, unflattering and looks nothing like the moment in time you were hoping to capture.

If you have no access to a better flash, an off camera flash you’re stuck with that horrid little beast of a pop-flash.  UNLESS…

Gary Fong invented this little gadget that goes a long way to help your flash photography.  Granted, it doesn’t replace a better flash but it does make the most of your pop-up flash.

Check it out for yourself on Amazon.

Gary Fong Puffer Pop Up flash Diffuser for DSLR’s CANON / NIKON / OLYMPUS / PENTAX (excluding Canon T4i)