Pop-Up Flash Help – Puffer

Puffer by Gary FongDuring this holiday season you will, undoubtedly, be taking a lot of family photos indoors. Your trusty DSLR will notice that there isn’t enough light in the room and active the little pop-up flash. You snap the photo and look at the small screen on the back of the camera. WOW – IS THAT BRIGHT.

The light is bright, unflattering and looks nothing like the moment in time you were hoping to capture.

If you have no access to a better flash, an off camera flash you’re stuck with that horrid little beast of a pop-flash.  UNLESS…

Gary Fong invented this little gadget that goes a long way to help your flash photography.  Granted, it doesn’t replace a better flash but it does make the most of your pop-up flash.

Check it out for yourself on Amazon.

Gary Fong Puffer Pop Up flash Diffuser for DSLR’s CANON / NIKON / OLYMPUS / PENTAX (excluding Canon T4i)

Tamron, Sigma & Canon 70-200 f/2.8 Portrait Lens Review

The 70-200mm f/2.8 lens is THE workhorse for portrait and wedding photographers. If you don’t own one and are thinking about purchasing, finding objective information about the different makes (Canon, Tamron and Sigma) is nearly impossible. I have read countless reviews, spoken with pro photographers and most of them become a little crazy when giving their opinion.  That said, if you are a pro, make your living with photography, particularly if you’re shooting weddings, professional sports, the Canon is the way to go, without a doubt.  The lens is built like Fort Knox.  But, if you’re wanted to save nearly $1500 the Tamron and Sigma and viable options.

I finally found a review that is not a knee-jerk reactionary tirade. Check it out for yourself.

Blackmagic Camera

Should RED be worried? Quite possibly!

Consumers may not be familiar with Blackmagic Design, but the firm’s cameras are all the rage with filmmakers at NAB, drawing enormous crowds within seconds of the show floor opening up to attendees. This year’s flagship is the URSA, a relatively massive 4K camera with an enormous 10-inch 1080p flip-out display. There are also two 5-inch monitors on each side, displaying everything from camera settings to a duplicate preview. Another highlight is the Super 35 image sensor (the same used in Blackmagic’s existing 4K cam), which is upgradeable should you wish to swap in a refreshed version down the line. You also get plenty of SDI inputs and outputs, XLR mic jacks and either a Canon EF or PL lens mount. [read]


Blackmagic Studio Camera HD , MFT lens mount, 10″ Viewfinder, support for up to 1080p60, 4 hour Battery, Talkback


—— • ——

Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K, 1 10″ Viewfinder, 12G- SDI, MFT Lens Mount, Support for up to 2160p60, 4 hour battery, Talkback, Tally


—— • ——

Blackmagic Design URSA EF Camera with EF Mount, 4K Super 35 sensor with global shutter, 12G-SDI, built in 10″monitor, Dual CFast Recorders, Scopes, Audio meters


—— • ——

Blackmagic Design URSA PL Camera with PL Mount. 4K Super 35 sensor with global shutter, 12G-SDI, built in 10″monitor, Dual CFast Recorders, Scopes, Audio meters