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Great Deals on Canon and Nikon Cameras

Still looking for a great gift for the photographer in the family? Here are some fantastic deals from B&H on Canon and Nikon’s, that are worth checking out. B&H ONLINE STORE *This is an affiliate store.

Pop-Up Flash Help – Puffer

During this holiday season you will, undoubtedly, be taking a lot of family photos indoors. Your trusty DSLR will notice that there isn’t enough light in the room and active the little pop-up flash. You snap the photo and look […]

Tamron, Sigma & Canon 70-200 f/2.8 Portrait Lens Review

The 70-200mm f/2.8 lens is THE workhorse for portrait and wedding photographers. If you don’t own one and are thinking about purchasing, finding objective information about the different makes (Canon, Tamron and Sigma) is nearly impossible. I have read countless […]

Blackmagic Camera

Should RED be worried? Quite possibly! Consumers may not be familiar with Blackmagic Design, but the firm’s cameras are all the rage with filmmakers at NAB, drawing enormous crowds within seconds of the show floor opening up to attendees. This […]