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Rose Parade 2018 – BOSS

Here a some of the photos taken at the Rose Parade 2018 for The BOSS (Bands of Santiago Sharks). It was a very exciting couple of days, culminating on Camera Corner (Orange Grove and Colorado).  

Great Deals on Canon and Nikon Cameras

Still looking for a great gift for the photographer in the family? Here are some fantastic deals from B&H on Canon and Nikon’s, that are worth checking out. B&H ONLINE STORE *This is an affiliate store.

The Ultimate Panorama – Mont Blanc

Take a look at the In2White project, which is an astonishing panoramic photograph of Mont Blanc. Altitude: 3500 meters Images: 70,000 Gigapixels: 365Temperature: -10° The Concept How to celebrate Her Majesty the Mont Blanc? We just wished to represent it […]

Photography Is No Longer a Crime in Los Angeles

In 2011, Long Beach Post reporter Greggory Moore was detained by cops for taking photos outside a courthouse. Eight sheriffs deputies detained, frisked, and interrogated him, saying his actions were suspicious. In the wake of 9/11, the Los Angeles Police […]

On mothers, cancer and zombie photographers

This morning I read a wonderful article by photographer Olivier Duong. Please take a read, it will inspire you. Plato said “The unexamined life is not worth living” and it’s a quote that is pretty deep. It’s the reason that […]

Flashpoint White Shoot Through Umbrella – other uses

While writing a review for the Flashpoint 180 Monolight and the 71″ Glow Grand Softbox I wanted to test these two products in a bright environment, where I really need to kick a lot of light on my subject since […]

French newspaper removes all images in support of photographers

BRAVO to the French newspaper removes all images in support of photographers.  It’s about time. “A visual shock. For the first time in its history, Libération is published without photographs. In their place: a series of empty frames that create […]

Family Selfie

Today we decided we needed to take a family picture and I was hired as the photographer. Problem – I’m a family member and need to be in the ‘family’ picture.  The solution was a family selfie. Luckily it was […]