The Ultimate Panorama – Mont Blanc

Take a look at the In2White project, which is an astonishing panoramic photograph of Mont Blanc.

Altitude: 3500 meters
Images: 70,000
Gigapixels: 365Temperature: -10°

The Concept

How to celebrate Her Majesty the Mont Blanc?

We just wished to represent it as it shows to our eyes : major beauty, astonishing magnitude, pure elation.

We were brave, crazy and ambitious enough to think about a gigapanoramic picture, to seize every single detail of the mountain.
We are Filippo and Alessandra, passionate of mountain, beauty and photography: here’s our concept, our tribute to the Mont Blanc.

But we were not alone in this challenge: we built a Team of dreamers and passionates from all over the World, that shared with enthusiasm our same vision and embraced our project.

Best partners, best technology, best result: the highest high definition panoramic picture ever taken now is available for you.

Enjoy it and be part of our dream!