Just fix it in post

CC-Before-AfterAs a teacher I often hear, “I’m not worried.  I’ll fix it in post.”   Can you really fix it in post? It depends. If you’ve overexposed your shoot there’s not information to fix.  If you’ve underexposed it, you do have more information but your quality will suffer when you attempt to “fix it”.

What if you were doing a family shoot and one of your subjects happens to blink?  Most likely you will have multiple shots. You can choose the overall best one and hopefully swap heads with the blinking offender.  Those things happen and we take multiple shoots to ensure we get a good one.

But, what if, as the photographer, we are just lazy?  We know that the shot is not right but we take it anyway because of your “we can fix it in post” attitude? This is bad practice.  The time you spend editing in post is money out of your pocket.

In the case of the photo above, I was contracted to fix a poorly shot photo. This project was for a major catalog retailer so the gradient background and blueish-green tint wouldn’t fly.  There were a total of 48 photographs to fix.  Money well spent but my point is, it shouldn’t have reached the point where I was hired to fix it. (Note: if you do have shots like this, call me – I’ll gladly fix them for you).

Shoot it right the first time – that’s the lesson to be learned here. Don’t reply on post for mistakes that are easily taken care of when you shoot.

And one more point while we are here. From clients I hear, “Can’t you just Photoshop it?”

Yes, I can Photoshop it – are you willing to pay for it? Photoshop has become a term that is thrown out far to much in photography today.  Personally, I won’t Photoshop out your kids braces – you’ll regret that one day. If you press me hard enough I may Photoshop your wrinkles but then please don’t come to me and tell me that the picture no longer looks like you.

For me, as a professional, portrait photography is about documenting, about freezing a moment in time. Photoshop can be a great tool but let’s not get carried away with it.


The VALUE in photography

These are not my words as I’m re-posting this from Two Blooms Photography, but they are my stance, my beliefs if you will.  I don’t think it is the intention of Two Blooms Photography, nor mine, to point a figure at or chastise anyone.  Rather, as professional photographers we have done a poor job of educating out clients. So, here you go – appreciate the value of photography.

– Joe Randeen | 3 Penguins Photography


I can’t tell you how many times…

I have gotten a phone call, email, or Facebook message from someone saying how much they love my work and want to book a session with me. I then proceed to give them all of the information and pricing, and there’s a moment of silence.


I have experienced a lot of sticker shock over the past year from many people and I completely understand why. At first glance, my pricing might seem a little alarming. I mean, you have a nice DSLR, right? Or know someone who has one that could do the same work for you for free? Yes, and a BIG. FAT. NO.


(can you tell the difference? Same kid….same photographer…both taken with a “nice camera”….2.5 years apart. There IS a difference between the relative with the camera and an experienced professional)

When you hire a professional photographer, you aren’t just getting pretty pictures.

You are receiving a customized session with professional (and dare I say EXPENSIVE) equipment and props. Professionals also have to invest in computers and editing software to make the photos look, well, professional. But my point today is NOT about how much the photographer has to invest in their business, but as the client who chooses to invest in custom photography.

Custom photography is not a necessity, it’s a LUXURY.

Just like that $5 latte you get before work every morning. Or that $900 flat screen TV you just got for Christmas. Or those $100 skinny jeans that you can’t imagine living without. I could go on all day about the luxuries we indulge ourselves in everyday.

But when it comes to a $350 photography session…GASP….you suddenly cannot breathe.

I don’t blame you; I honestly don’t. When everyone has an uncle Bob to take their picture for free (or right next to it) or a Walmart/Picture People/Portrait Innovations, then the $350 might seem a little steep.

But, if you truly admire good photography, then treat it as a luxury.

Luxuries are not an everyday occurrence. Luxuries may only come but once a year (or every 5 years, and that’s okay!). But if you treat it as a luxury, you will value it MORE.

If you are one that really values photography and wants so badly to have precious memories of your loved ones created, then I challenge you to make a fund.

Instead of that $5 latte, why not put that into a jar to invest towards your photography session? Maybe you can afford to skip that pedicure you had scheduled for this month and put that into the jar too. Just like saving and planning for any luxury, photography isn’t any different.

I know that custom photography isn’t for everyone and I respect that. But if you can see good photography for what it’s worth, then uncle Bob’s photos might not be enough for you.

I mean, the proof is in the pudding…
What can you sacrifice a little to put towards a photo session?

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