Camera SettingsPhotography Lessons

There are a number of reasons for seeking out photography lessons: you have a new camera; you would like to get off the program modes and shoot in manual; or you just want to take better pictures.

First of all, it’s important to define your goal(s):

What exactly would you like to learn?

– Would you like to shoot in manual?
– Shoot a specific genre (portraits, sports, events, weddings, etc.)?
– You want to take better pictures.

Second, which length of lessons are the best for your learning style? (See below for more information.)

– 30 Minute Lessons*
– 60 Minute Lessons*
– 1/2 Day Lessons
– 3 Day Lessons

All the lessons take place “on-location”.  It’s ideal to shoot in the setting(s) where you will be shooting in the future. All lessons take place in Corona, CA unless other arrangements are agreed up.  Group rates available on the 1/2 Day and 3 Day lessons.

*The 30 and 60 minute lessons are also available via Skype.  In your interested, please call for more details.

The Nifty-Fifty

If you do not already own a Nifty-Fifty lens, consider purchasing one. It is one of the best lenses to “learn” with. This lens is very inexpensive and available from the from the following links:

Amazon:canon 50mm 1.8