Boy and His Dogs

A Boy And His Dogs

It’s never easy seeing your kids sick, even if it’s just a cold.  You try and comfort them as much as possible but no one can do it as well as a pet, or so it seems.

When you’re not feeling well there’s nothing like falling asleep with unconditional love.

This is an example of a photo that lends itself much better in black and white rather than color.


There are too many shades of the same color and different colors.  It got too busy.  With the shot in black and white the emotion of the photo pops better.

Experiment a bit with your photos.  See what your favorite photo will look like in color and black and white.

– Joe Randeen (Lessons)

The love of a dog

For those of us who know the joy that comes from the love of a dog, I don’t need to say any more. For those of you who don’t know, you are missing out.

Allow me to introduce Peanut.  She is the proud owner of Dorothy and Darrell. Peanut was abandoned, found, nursed back to health and given to this wonderful couple to care for. In actuality, they are caring for one another.

Her  temperament is amazing.  She is kind and loving, despite being abandoned and neglected by her former owners.  We all enjoyed playing with her on this particular afternoon.

Peanut & Darrell

Peanut & Darrell

Peanut & Dorothy

Peanut & Dorothy

Photo Credit: Joe Randeen :: 3 Penguins Photography