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The Ultimate Panorama – Mont Blanc

Take a look at the In2White project, which is an astonishing panoramic photograph of Mont Blanc. Altitude: 3500 meters Images: 70,000 Gigapixels: 365Temperature: -10° The Concept How to celebrate Her Majesty the Mont Blanc? We just wished to represent it […]

A Day In Shoreline Village – Long Beach

I’ve never lived IN Long Beach but lived near it since 1971.  It’s gone through incredible transformation over those many decades – some good and some . . . . . not so good.  In my opinion it’s on the […]

Desert Falls – CA

As often as we can, our family heads out to the Coachella Valley, specifically Palm Desert, CA.  It is quiet and relaxing.  Here are a few shots from our latest trip. 18th Tee Desert Fall Country Club     Bunker […]