Photograph could get an Australian real estate agent $22K in fines

Real estate photography might seem straightforward, but the reality is it’s just as challenging as any other genre. After all, it’s about what you should keep in the image and what you should take out.

How far is too far though? That’s what a few would-be home buyers are asking in regards to the photo you see above.

What’s wrong with it, you ask? Technically speaking, nothing. But when compared to the view you actually see when standing in front of the house, what the above image shows appears to be the Photoshop job of the century. But, in reality, it’s nothing more than clever composition and camera placement.

As you can see from the Google Street View image below, there is a giant, not-so-visually-appealing water tower behind the house. A water tower that is not in the slightest bit present in the image shared on the home’s listing. [read more]

The Ultimate Panorama – Mont Blanc

Take a look at the In2White project, which is an astonishing panoramic photograph of Mont Blanc.

Altitude: 3500 meters
Images: 70,000
Gigapixels: 365Temperature: -10°

The Concept

How to celebrate Her Majesty the Mont Blanc?

We just wished to represent it as it shows to our eyes : major beauty, astonishing magnitude, pure elation.

We were brave, crazy and ambitious enough to think about a gigapanoramic picture, to seize every single detail of the mountain.
We are Filippo and Alessandra, passionate of mountain, beauty and photography: here’s our concept, our tribute to the Mont Blanc.

But we were not alone in this challenge: we built a Team of dreamers and passionates from all over the World, that shared with enthusiasm our same vision and embraced our project.

Best partners, best technology, best result: the highest high definition panoramic picture ever taken now is available for you.

Enjoy it and be part of our dream!

A Day In Shoreline Village – Long Beach

I’ve never lived IN Long Beach but lived near it since 1971.  It’s gone through incredible transformation over those many decades – some good and some . . . . . not so good.  In my opinion it’s on the upswing.  Here’s some photos from Shoreline Village that I took. It’s a great day to spend a day.







Desert Falls – CA

As often as we can, our family heads out to the Coachella Valley, specifically Palm Desert, CA.  It is quiet and relaxing.  Here are a few shots from our latest trip.


18th Tee Desert Fall Country Club




Bunker – 17th Desert Falls Country club


Rainbow from the Sand – Desert Falls Country Club



Hazard – Desert Falls Country Club