Moon Shot

f8 - 1/160 - ISO 400

f8 – 1/160 – ISO 400

A couple of nights ago, while walking into my kitchen I saw this beautiful moon outside my back window.  It was dusk, slightly hazy and the moon hung just above this leafless tree.  I had to get the moon shot. What you don’t see in this shot are the rooftops of my neighbors homes, for which I’m glad.  I was able to frame the shot without including them.

Not wanting anything to change, I didn’t have time to get my tripod and set it up, work out my exposure, etc.  I grabbed my camera out of my bag, which already had a 100mm lens on it,

Square Crop

Square Crop

took some rough readings and shot about 15 frames with very slight variations.  The winner turned out to be the shot above, shot at f8 at 160, ISO 400.

Color Version

Color Version

I converted the image to B/W so to add to the drama of the moon and a seemingly dead tree. I also did a couple of different crops to vary the feeling a bit.  My only regret, yes I have those as well, is that the moon was bit too close to the tree.  It would have been, IMO, a slightly stronger photo is the moon took up a bit more of the negative space to the left.  I could have easily moved the moon using Photoshop but I had two issues with that.  First, it wouldn’t be integrous. I know, I probably could have argued ‘artistic license’ but NO!  Secondly, upon looking at the image longer I began to appreciate the emptiness to the left.  It says something of the night.

There is one other version that I did publish, and that was a square (1×1) version for Instagram.  I do like the square version but, it also reinforced that, again, I really like the negative space.

Portrait of Kevin

Priestly Portrait

Here’s a shot for recent portrait shot. The end use of this portrait shot was for a website “About Us” page. Kevin was recently ordained and interning at an Anglican Church is Orange County [Holy Trinity Anglican Church]

The morning started off foggy and dark but 40 minutes after arrival the sun broke free.  I put Kevin in open shade and set a speedlight off about 45 degrees with a diffuser to ensure we had a decent catch-light.

It was a easy shot, which made Kevin extremely happy.  He was still have nightmares from a “long” engagement shoot that he’s still not over.  ha ha ha

Photograph could get an Australian real estate agent $22K in fines

Real estate photography might seem straightforward, but the reality is it’s just as challenging as any other genre. After all, it’s about what you should keep in the image and what you should take out.

How far is too far though? That’s what a few would-be home buyers are asking in regards to the photo you see above.

What’s wrong with it, you ask? Technically speaking, nothing. But when compared to the view you actually see when standing in front of the house, what the above image shows appears to be the Photoshop job of the century. But, in reality, it’s nothing more than clever composition and camera placement.

As you can see from the Google Street View image below, there is a giant, not-so-visually-appealing water tower behind the house. A water tower that is not in the slightest bit present in the image shared on the home’s listing. [read more]