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Expressions of Kids

Capturing Real Life I just love the expressions of kids.  At some point in a persons life, they start growing shy of the camera.  Not of their own camera obviously, because selfies are a must in most peoples lives.  But, […]

Event Photography for Programs

Event Photography I had the pleasure of photographing the Bands and Color Guard for Santiago High School for two seasons now.  This year I was asked to design the programs for the Band Concerts. My experience in event photography came […]

Great Deals on Canon and Nikon Cameras

Still looking for a great gift for the photographer in the family? Here are some fantastic deals from B&H on Canon and Nikon’s, that are worth checking out. B&H ONLINE STORE *This is an affiliate store.

Pop-Up Flash Help – Puffer

During this holiday season you will, undoubtedly, be taking a lot of family photos indoors. Your trusty DSLR will notice that there isn’t enough light in the room and active the little pop-up flash. You snap the photo and look […]