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Lines of Cars and Lights

I photograph a bit of everything.  I just plain LOVE photography.  There are very few subjects that don’t interest me in some way or another.  Like cars. Recently I took some shots at an annual car show.  I love the […]

Koch Wedding Preview

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure to shoot the Koch Family Wedding. This time a wonderful young couple living in SoCal. It was an intimate wedding with some family and their closets friends. More pictures to come […]

National Geographics Vintage Collection Archivist – Bill Bonner

If photography is important to you, then check out this mini documentary. Bill Bonner presides over eight million images as the longtime keeper of National Geographic’s vintage collection. He’s a keeper not only of photographs, but memories—and he treats each […]

There is more to a photography than pressing the shutter button

There’s so much more to photography than pressing the shutter button.  The more you learn about photography the more you will discover how truly complicated it is.  Professional photographers will invest a lot of time, money and other resources in […]

Just fix it in post

As a teacher I often hear, “I’m not worried.  I’ll fix it in post.”   Can you really fix it in post? It depends. If you’ve overexposed your shoot there’s not information to fix.  If you’ve underexposed it, you do have […]

A Day In Shoreline Village – Long Beach

I’ve never lived IN Long Beach but lived near it since 1971.  It’s gone through incredible transformation over those many decades – some good and some . . . . . not so good.  In my opinion it’s on the […]